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Originally Posted by STelfair31
mix ain't black but i'd be accepted in black community mo than white.... and 20 dimes you prob would be allowed to say it b/c if white cats is cool they are one of us... At the drive in...your kinda right what is my purpose basketball and baseball are my purposes and if i don't make it in one of them then i'll go to college....

I'd be accepted in a black community to, but i prefer not to get involved with all that bull****. so if 'white cats' prove to you they're cool, then they can call you nig-ga? what? why? why would you let them!?! thats a word that de-grades your whole culture, but since these 'white cats' are cool, they're allowed to say it?

I really thought you were just an immature kid, but you've managed to make that even worse. You are the stupidest person on the planet.

I really hope you don't get into college, just so if we were ever to see each other, i can spit in your face for being de-grading everyone you know. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.
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