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Default Re: Now There's Gordon & Stuckey Trade Rumors..

I have zero problem dealing either one of those players. Though I just said in the other thread I want them to be part of our core. Nobody should be untouchable and we can only pay so many guards.

Rip is the biggest factor in all of this. If we dealt him tomorrow for Zach Randolph or something like i proposed, then both Stuckey and Gordon could stay. Bynum might have to be dealt though. The biggest reason the Gordon thing isn't working out(and in contrast why Rip isn't working for us lately) is that he and Rip do not mesh. There aren't enough minutes at SG for them and we have too many SFs to play them together. Stuckey also being best at SG makes the whole thing worse.

IMO, the best scenario would be Rip is dealt for a big or a traded player exception/waivable expiring deal(DUnleavy Jr?). We then start Stuckey at the 2 with Mcgrady at the point(for this year,gotta find a PG next year) and Gordon off the bench. Gordon gets 30 minutes a night though as Stucky plays about 18 at the 2 and 18 at the 1(as DD24 pointed out, we are talking about a top 15 PG here, its not like he can't play at all). With Rip and Prince both leaving as well as possibly Mcgrady, much of our logjam would be cleared up.
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