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Default Re: Hannibal is a Top 3 show.

Originally Posted by niko
It was great. It's getting consistenly better. It actually got good ratings for once too.

What happened to the character it happened to (deliberately vague) at the beginning of this episode was as ****ed up as anything I have ever seen on TV. My god...

I forgot to add spoiler signs, my bad.

Yeah, it had a 1.1, which was better than the Season 1 Finale.

The reviews and media buzz its getting have hoping it will get nominated at the Emmy's. If this thing gets nominated for something, anything, it will firmly plant it into the awareness of most TV critics, whose readers will then start giving it a chance. I really, really want this show to be renewed.

Whats your take on the episode only showing the end of "her"? I actually wanted to see the fight/chase, if only because she saw something that made her stop, which i believe could be Abigail... either dead or alive(only missing an ear).

Oh and Jack... he's shifting over to the Will side. Well, he was until Will got himself an envoy.
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