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Default Re: Greatest console of all time?

Originally Posted by Mathius
It's just not. I mean there were hundreds of great games for it, but it still can't make up the graphics edge the PS2 has. If PS2 had no good games for it (PS3 currently has what ? 2 that aren't sports games?) then you might have an argument, but there is too big a generation gap there for NES to make up. PS2 just has too many quality games out there AND its backwards compatible, so you can basically include the hundreds of good games that were on PSone.


For me, the NES has the most definitive library of titles. Todays franchises are evolutions of what started on the NES. NES had games that offered substance and playablity. I couldn't care less about graphics since I don't play my games on pause…

PS2 ranks in my top 5 for sure… for its generation, it was THE BEST — I thought Xbox was overrated, but then I don't fancy western style games.

All in all, I have more FUN playing my NES 20 years later. I cannot see myself having that level of fun on the PS2 with a majority of its games. BUT there are games that I will enjoy for a lifetime on PS2…
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