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Just bought the grey/black/nylon green ones yesterday for 40 at Finishline. Comfortable shoe.

As for Marbury's, I was close to gettin them, but just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Yep, I get tons of compliments on them. You can really see the LeBron 2 and AF1 influence.

I never considered the Marbury's because they are ugly to me, but I did buy the Starbury boots for 9.98 as well as would cop those Cyclones (the grey ones that look like New Balance's) if they ever had my size. I was in the same bout with Starbury Crossovers (AF1 Lookalike's), I tried them on and kept looking at them and was like, 9.98, but in the end I just couldn't do it for some reason.

Twiens, the Shox Leapers are going to be one of Nike's premier shox basketball shoes this season. I believe even Vince is going to be wearing them. So far, all I have seen in them is Tayshaun and Dupree or the Pistons.
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