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Default Re: Summer Pro League prospects

Originally Posted by dd24
I've got no problem with taking a top player in the D-League. This is the summer league we're discussing and it's two completely different things. I followed the summer league pretty close. Everybody rated the Lakers roster fairly low. I'm not saying that because I don't recognize the names. I'm saying that because of what happened on the floor during the games. They streamed those games online.

Pardon my ignorance because I am at a loss of why they are completely different.
Are you saying that SPL is so much inferior? I mean if I am a very good D-Leaguer, I would not only join but compete hard in the SPL because.
1. I want to show case my abilities to all the top personnel INCLUDING NBA Head coaches who are available right now, actually watching the games. I saw guys like Rivers, Carlisle being engaged. Their top assistants are actually coaching the games, seeing first hand how they play and adapt and interact to their respective systems. I can't fathom these head coaches actually being available to scout talent in the middle of the season bec they are usually trying to win games.
2. This is a great opportunity to compete and show how polished my skills are esp against the top collegiate players, most of which were already drafted.
3. Because I believe NBA teams treat this tourney as legit, They spent $$, risking injuries to their top picks etc.
When you said "they", you mean they as in the ones who rated guys like Patrick Beverly, Jeremy Lin low? Im not saying Im better than these guys but I am inferring they are human beings who commit mistakes too.
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