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Default Re: Summer Pro League prospects

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
incased you missed it, i posted landry's fg% from his 97 d league games and not frm the SPL. i understand its a small sample, that is why also checked Hudsons fg frm d league and not allow myself to be emotional after being hot in the last few games esp after swishing a 27 footer. Again the past top collegiate players are also competing. also not that other d leagers also struggle in the SPL like CDR who lorded over the D league and yet just ave 9 pts/ game

Chicago Bulls Andrew Goudelock Summer League Stats: 19.0 PPG 47.1% FG 52.2% 3PT in 5 impressive that he signed a 1yr Russia.

Let me try to explain to you the difference;

In summer league you have players who neither know the offense or defense the team is running, the summer league is the beginning of their learning process. There are a ton of guys who's main goal is to get exercise, get in shape for the upcoming season and not get hurt, especially top draft picks who are guaranteed a spot. If these guys don't know the system they are running it becomes as significant as YOU hitting baskets in your driveway by yourself, it is NOT real basketball but merely exercise. In summer league, many guys are working on things that they don't do well, not things that they would be doing if it was a real game, so guys who are slashers will maybe take a bunch of 3's instead of driving or vice versa.

Just know this Tam, there is not a single insider who would tell you that Summer league is in the remote class of D-League basketball.
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