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Forget all the bullsh*t, I need some rating feedback on my newest work. And given this is at least my 75th addtion to the infamous "Rap Chronicle's", only conprehensive and intelligent input is appreciated. Thanx.
Btw.......PleezeBelieve > your favorite MC....1.

........When it comes to figuring the type of money I make,
See that body of water outside the gate...make no mistake, that's not a's a lake,
On spontaneous open dates I on-take sahfari's to see real Bathing Ape's,
But hence,
This is the difference between destiny and fate,
Even in the womb I was great cause my talent is inate,
For Christ sakes,
Release the "Chosen One" to devour the competition,
Challenger's see stars when I'm on a mission,
Yo gangsta tales conjure up constant contradiction,
Claim you replaced yo lice with ice,
Ferried the French Riveria on summer nights,
Look n*gga,
Only time you "sail" over Borders is when your biography is marked down for 1/2 price,
And that's why I'm like...the only n*gga I personally like,
Cause even when you lames being arrogant...that's me on a bad day being contrite.......
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