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Default Re: IF Kobe gets Ring #6

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Lol.....I'm really overly defensive over
I disagree that his NBA years weren't enough......when are 5 championships not enough? Then there are the All-Star games, the Olympics, the unforgettable Mid Summer Nights Magic games.......he had a full amazingly accomplished career that I am extremely happy I was there for.....not to mention conversations with him. Sure it would've been great if he hadn't contracted the virus and had won more titles.....but that's just greed.

Walton on the other hand never really had that continued run and fell way short of his potential. I also lost a ton of respect for him when he completely dogged it with the Clippers, his whole routine there was embarrassing......still a phenomenal player.

Agreed. I just think with all thats said and done, Kobe right now is the best laker player ever. Its not saying Magic was "bad" in any way. Not even worse...those words can't be used in this discussion. But whatever Magic is, I think Kobe is better.
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