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Default Re: IF Kobe gets Ring #6

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Magic AND Jerry West say that Kobe is the greatest Laker of all time....nuff said.

Notice if you will that all the competitors that you mentioned were in the East, The biggest disappointment I have with Magic's Lakers is that they really blew some easy playoff series (Twice to Houston) and should have made it to the finals more than they did.

Jerry is one of the most self-critical people who ever lived, and he loves Kobe like a son. You think he'd ever say something to prop himself up at Kobe's expense?

Magic made the finals nine times in 11 years, IIRC (correct me if I'm wrong); I don't think the argument that he didn't make the finals enough holds water. If you really wanna go there, Kobe's "only" made the finals seven times, and there were a couple of years when he arguably got eliminated too early.
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