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Default Re: The 2008 Mock Draft Thread

Originally Posted by monthh
I did this based off I believe ESPN's power rankings. It was kind of fun since some teams that I expected to be good were at the bottom.

1. Minnesota-Derrick Rose-People will pull for Beasley with Gomes at PF and Foye at PG, but Rose has is too good of a natural PG to pass up.

2. Seattle-Michael Beasley-Just drafted Durant and Green and have Wilkins and Wilcox, but Beasley has too much potential to pass up.

3. New York-O.J. Mayo-No clue what they will do, but Marbury and the rest of the backcourt may be on their way out.

4. Chicago-DeAndre Jordan-Ben Wallace has not worked out and now they can get a young one to replace him.

5. Golden St.-Nicolas Batum-Matt Barnes is decent, but Batum is too good to pass up

6. Phoenix via Atlanta-Kosta Koufos-Amare has a history of injuries and Koufos should be able to help him some out right away.

7. Memphis-Roy Hibbert-Would rather take Eric Gordon, but with Gasol possibly on his way out after another losing season, Hibbert helps fill a possible hole in the middle.

8. New Jersey-Darrell Arthur-Sean Williams has worked out well, but they still need help inside.

9. Miami-Chase Budinger-Wade will need another young scorer next to him if they hope to not waste him in the future.

10. Sacramento-Brook Lopez-This team needs to start somewhere and a twin towers of Hawes and Lopez would be nice.

11. Philadelphia-Eric Gordon-Big steal here since he will be the go-to scorer for this team in the future.

12. Portland-Darren Collison-This team has so many young players, but it seems at this point that the PG spot may have the biggest hole.

13. Indiana-Tywon Lawson-Tinsley has been a good player for a long time, but it is time to move on.
14. L.A. Clippers-Serge Ibaka-Time to start over, why not start with a big man?

15. Washington-Jamont Gordon-Would like to get Lopez, but they could use some help at guard off the bench.

16. Milwaukee-Danilo Gallinari-Not many holes on this team on paper, but Gallinari is a steal talent-wise at this point.

17. Charlotte-Andrew Ogilvy-Has more potential than their big men outside of Okafor and May.

18. Cleveland-Donte Greene-Not their ideal player, but is a huge steal at 18.

19. Toronto-Hasheem Thabeet-They need a true defensive post player.

20. Houston-DeVon Hardin-Would be a lot like Kelvin Cato was next to Yao.

21. Utah-Kevin Love-The type of player they love.

22. Detroit-Ante Tomic-Huge upside to develop for the future.

23. L.A. Lakers-Earl Clark-Not really much left to help them, but Clark can help them off the bench.

24. Denver-Joey Dorsey-A surprise pick, but seems to be the type of player George Karl likes.

25. San Antonio-Brandon Rush-Finley, Bowen, and Barry are not getting younger.

26. New Orleans-Kyle Weaver-They took Wright to help solidify the frontcourt last year, and Weaver to solidify the backcourt this year.

27. Orlando-Bryce Taylor-Not sure why I like this pick, but he has some potential to contribute.

28. Dallas-Deron Washington-Nothing much they can do with this pick to help right away so why not try to get another Josh Howard?

29. Seattle via Phoenix-Rodrique Beaubois-After missing out on Rose, they hope to grab another Tony Parker.

30. Boston-Nickola Pekovic-Has size, so why not?

You have no clue do you? A long time? He's been in the L for 7 years. I can think of a few other concerns that the Pacers could handle before fucking up our floor leader.
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