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Default Re: Anthony Davis Using Steroids??

Originally Posted by FireDavidKahn
That has absolutely nothing to do with using roids. To get freakishly ripped and massive on roids, you have to have an impeccable diet along with training in the gym everyday for months while you are on your cycle (not to mention you would have to do multiple cycles).

The notion that if people use roids they will end up massive and ripped very easily is incredibly flawed. Also, "freakishly ripped" is 100% a body fat issue. It doesn't matter how much muscle you have, if you have a higher body fat percentage you wont look ripped at all. That's why powerlifters all look like fat asses when in reality they are stronger then nearly anyone on earth.

Going on a typically 3 month cycle in the off season could net you results that would take years doing it the natural way and it wouldn't make you "freakishly ripped or freakishly massive"

well then this whole thread is moot because the only 'evidence' we have that anthony davis (or anyone for that matter) is taking some kind of ped is that he looks more muscular compared to when we last saw him

it's one thing to hint at steroid abuse in athletes if they've put on a lot of muscle over a short period time, but it's really lame to just say "everybody takes them it's obvious", especially when there's no compelling reason to suspect any basketball player. it's not like in baseball when homerun records were being annihilated every other year
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