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Default Re: Jerry Jones blasts Parcells

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Except he owns the most valuable (wait til we get a new stadium ) franchise in America and he's talking like a drunk redneck.

He's the same guy that sits with the staff and contributes on trimming rosters at Camp. He's the same guy who imposes his will to build the team the way he wants (hmm sounds familiar).

He's the same guy who tries to promote his team like the pinnacle of American Sports entertainment; a businessman and a guy who has power within THE NFL.

Don't even make these, "He's one of us" arguments. You sound almost as idiotic as Jackass Jones. Dude's a real phucker sometimes.
you posted tyhis after I just got done saying "no he isn't" you even bother reading?

Jerry is a f*ckin genius buisnessman, it doesn't matter how drunk he gets at bars....his success speaks for itself...impossible for something like this to make him look foolish...

no one thinks he looks stupid but *gasp* Cowboy haters...

word today is that Jerry and Bill were laughing it up together over this today...
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