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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by ukplayer4
i was gonna coment about barrell scraping but you are already boring to the earths core. although the big lebowski is obviously one i forgot.

Ringu is the only one out of what I listed that should be included with the elite of 1998. All the other are good to great movies. Dark City/Sphere are great sci-fi. There's Something About Mary pretty much started the modern type of comedy films we see now, and it was f*cking hilarious when it came out. I loved the Wedding Singer when I was a kid, great feel good movie, and an flashback 80's comedy? Genius! Pleasantville I think is a damn good movie. Ronin is one of my favorite action movies, especially the chase scene.

These aren't bad movies. They're not elite, but they're good. They're all in the 60-80 range.
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