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Default Re: Gasol for Bargnani and Calderon...

Originally Posted by letshaveacorona
Slightly off topic but I think right now our biggest need is a STUD small forward. If I were the GM i would be offering anyone not named Lowry, DeRozan, Davis, Valanciunas for a Josh Smith or Rudy Gay level player. Smith Could possibly be had for TRoss(i like this kid), Amir, and draft picks. would have to be sure we can resign him though and thats not easy.

It's going to be difficult to get a SF at that level since were kind of limited asset/contract wise and in order to get a player like Rudy Gay we need to hope that Memphis starts to fall apart and they want to save money by getting out from underneath his contract. Josh Smith on the other hand I think we have the assets to acquire but we won't because theres no way he resigns with us in the off season.
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