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Originally Posted by BØBØ
Let's not lose track of why there is an Amnesty clause in the first place. It's only there because they changed the CBA's cap structure and taxation schedule. They made changes so to be fair to the teams they give them that one time clause that allows them a head start on getting within sight of the new rules. that's only why it's there in place and why there's only one to use. It goes hand in hand with the two year implementation of the new cap rules.

They did add the stretch provision to waived players which can be used at anytime, on any player and more than once. That's here to stay and though not as encompassing as the amnesty clause it does make swallowing the costs of waived players more bearable. Moot discussion tonight anyways. Amnesty window has closed for this year.

The amnesty period BEGINS tomorrow

There is a whole ton of misinformation on the internet with the 2005 amnesty period being referred to instead of the current CBA rules.....very very easy for someone to get confused.
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