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Default Re: NBA releases flopping defining vid with actual game footage.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
No. The original call was a Flagrant 2, with Tyson ejected from the game. Then they replayed it, and realized how much Lebron flopped, and took it down to a Flagrant 1.

At worst it should have been a regular foul, but in actuality it should have been a no call. Tyson wasn't moving, so you can't call moving pick. Lebron acted like he got shot with a 44 magnum, and the refs bought. That's specifically what the video is saying will be penalized from now on.

What the hell are you talking about that Chandler isn't moving? He's moving forward the whole time. Not only it is a moving pick, it's also a hit. LeBron probably embellished the contact a little but you can bet his neck was hurting.
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