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Default Re: Anti-bullying month: The Story of Amanda Todd

just watched the whole thing.
I duno..

First of all I felt her family has to be somewhat responsible. They never talked to her? Gave her help and support? Gave her advice on what to do? It seems her parents are separated, and that had an effect on her too.

Second.. a lot of it was her own doing. First flashing.. that was dumb, but ok she was young. Then when the freaky guy showed up.. she should have told her family, and gotten the cops to track the guy. If her boobs were seen by everyone already, she could tell her family about it right? She also slept with another girl's BF, knowing that he had a gf. Why would she do that? Those were her actions.

Her last mistake? Why did she keep all of her old friends from facebook? She wanted to move on didn't she? What's the point of moving to a new city if you're keeping your old friends on facebook?

At the end of the day, I felt a lot of things could've been done differently. A lot of people could have helped her, including herself.
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