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I'm really, really tired of people reverting to being all somber and full of cliches when death comes around. It drowns out the actual meaningful comments, like Sound and Fury's.

It really doesn't matter if your kid is 6 months, 6 years, or 60 years old. It's the same loss...
Well, if your son is 60, you're probably dead. And if somebody is 60, their death is not nearly as unexpected. You can't tell me that if Odom's 60 year old father died, you would care. I wouldn't. But a 6 month old baby? A little different.

i know it's not completely respectful, by what does it say the 'baby's mother' and not odom's wife?
Don't worry about being respectful. He doesn't lover her, hence, they're not married. Not uncommon.

anyways enough of this, it's getting disrespectful to the dead.
Yeah, we don't want to evoke any zombie revenge riots.

Now, I know it would probably be the last thing on Lamar's mind and it does not compare to the pain and sufferring he must be feeling, but wouldn't it suck to be the guy that has to tell Odom he's being traded?
This is the first thought that came to my mind, which is a good representation of why I hope there is no hell. I guess it would depend where he was being traded. I don't think he'd have qualms about going to Miami or Orlando or someplace fun where he can win a title. But what about being traded to a cold, desolate place with a boring, winless team? That would suck! Like, Minnesota sans KG. Could you imagine? I'd be suicidal. If I weren't pooling in millions of dollars every month regardless of my job performance. That's a plus.

---A Moment of Silence----
If we all be really really super extra quiet, we can bring him back to life. It's true. That's why we have moments of silence. Right?

Wow, the immaturity, and classlessness of this certain posters on this board is actually pretty surprising.
You're right, sir. You are, in fact, a better person than anybody here! Pat yourself on the back. You're a grade A superstar human being.

I just got back from playing basketball, I'm tired and I need food. Come home to find out Lamars little kid died and we have two posters who are b!tching at one another trying to win the argument.
Except this one here. 5 minutes ago he was playing basketball, and now he's been devistated by the loss of someone else's kid. Can you measure such empathy?

My condolences to Odom and his family. I can't begin to imagine what he's going through right now.
I can. Sadness. With maybe some anger, a pinch of depression, possibly bargaining and hopefully the rest of a healthy coping process.

Stop being ignorant.
Aren't you telling him to have a child and then let it die? How else could he be thorougly educated on this issue? Or are you just looking down on him for not being cliched and typing something that sounds reverent and moving on?

I have lost two children at a young age. Not easy to get over.
dude, what the hell happened!? two? that's terrible. You live in America? that's practically unheard of here. That really, really sucks. Do you have other children?

Anyways, condolences to the Odom family. 6 months old, 6 years old, 60 years old. It doesn't matter.
cliche. addressed above. the first two you could go either way on, but the last one? please.

No words to express this.
That's what's great about the English language. There's words to express nearly everything. What we experience we instinctively create a linguistic representation for. Here's some:

adverse, anguished, appalling, awful, bad, calamitous, cataclysmic, catastrophic, crushing, deadly, deathly, deplorable, desolate, destructive, dire, disastrous, doleful, dreadful, fatal, fateful, forlorn, grievous, grim, hapless, harrowing, heart-rending, heartbreaking, ill-fated, ill-starred, lamentable, miserable, mournful, painful, pathetic, pitiable, pitiful, ruinous, sad, shocking, sorrowful, terrible, tragic, unfortunate, unhappy, woeful, and wretched.

Something my father once told me sticks in my mind...

"What is the order of happiness?"

"Grandparents die... parents die... children die..."

"WHAT?!? What kind of answer is that?!?"

"Okay, what order do YOU want it in?"

Think about that one for a second before replying to it. Death is a part of the human condition. I am fortunate - both of my parents are still alive. I expect, however, that some day I will have to bury both of them. Yes, I will be sad, but not devastated... after all, they are both nearing retirement and have lived full lives... and in the back of our minds, once we become adults - and especially parents ourselves, most of us expect some day we'll have to deal with losing our parents. If you're not there now, you'll be there eventually. It tends to hit about the time you are in your mid-20's, once you realize you're not immortal.

I am a father of three children (love my wife). I *don't* expect to bury my children. I expect them to bury me. (I hope I have to bury my wife, rather than vice versa, but that's only because I know one of us is going to be hurt unless we die together, and I'd rather it be me that is hurt when she dies than her getting hurt because I die - of course, I'd sacrifice myself for her without a moment's hesitation). I would be devastated... they haven't had a chance to live a full life yet.

As a father of three, thoughts and prayers to Lamar. I very nearly lost my oldest son twice (once at a week or so old, and again at age 4 - last year), and so while I haven't actually lost a child, I've been close and had to start dealing with those emotions while sitting next to him in a hospital bed.

Lamar and family - may you find peace and solace in this time of grief.
Now THAT was a great post. a GREAT post. I'll probably remember that for the rest of my life.
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