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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

yeah there were some strange calls in that unc game. miami played a fantastic game and not taking anything away from them.

Darius Theus for VCU looks like Monta Ellis.

said the exact same thing this morning to myself, haha. at least i think darius theus is the guy i said that about.

From what I'm reading, last year it wasn't available outside of the US either.

I didn't purchase it because I'm pretty sure literally every single game was on TV, but if it's like the old MMOD, you can stream any game on your computer that's online. It had like a small thumbnail view to watch multiple games. It was really useful before all the games starting to get aired. It was free too.

rilleh? thats weird.

apparently you only get like a 4 hour trial thing for mmod this year if you dont have one of the providers.
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