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Originally Posted by Dizzle-2k7
SMH @ stephen a smith bringing up the race card on 1st take. dude is foul, considering that theres been PLENTY of young black quarterbacks given a chance who didnt do shlt (vince young, campbell, russell, etc)

tebow won 2 chips and the heisman , he deserved a legitimate shot at a starting position, and he's defintely proven his worth, unlike that pathetic russell from oakland.

What did he say exactly? On that note, Kordell Stewart seems to be jealous of Tebow mania from the few clips I've seen. I don't get why? The guy was given 5 seasons to prove himself and he had a below average career. Stewart, from what I read, had a rough time getting a starting gig as a QB, but the dude was given 5 starting seasons to prove himself. No way would Tebow be given 5 years on the broncos if he put up Kordell's production.

There are other white running QB's i.eSteve Young and Rich Gannon that had a rough start to their careers because they weren't thought of as QB's.

Granted I do think there is a racial aspect to black playing QB but I don't understand how it pertains to Tebow. Tebow is having a similar season to Micheal Vick's 2nd year in the league. Vick in his 2nd season threw for 16 tds 8 ints 2900 yards and 55% throwing and 777 yards rushing. Tebow in 8 starts has 10 tds, 2 ints 49% throwing 1200 yards passing and 450+ yards rushing. I don't remember if there was a controversey of Vick starting the third year, can't say the same about Tebow...
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