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Default Re: Pistons 2017 Off Season Moves

Yeah it's a tough call. Ellenson has looked like a man amongst boys at Summer League - the way he has been splashing in that turn around J after posting his man down. Looks smooth and confident!

Leur has one of the best contracts in the NBA and has 3 more years to run on it. I think we would be crazy to move him. I would love to see him play backup C more than PF.

I think potentially moving Harris or Morris would be a better option, as it would free up SF minutes for Stanley, and also PF minutes for Ellenson.

Dre 32 / Leur 12 / Boban 4
Harris 30 / Ellenson 12 / Morris 6
Morris 22 / Stanley 20 / KCP 6
KCP 28 / Kennard 15 / Stanley 5
Reggie 28 / Ish 12 / Galloway 8
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