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Default Re: Non Laker fans - Your stance on Bynum

What Lakers fans are these? Most Lakers fans agree with Kobe. Andrew Bynum? Ship him out! This is Jason Kidd we're talking about here.

And yes, Kupcake and Co. are high..................period.

Originally Posted by Liberalo
What do you folks think about Bynum and his ceiling?
We had a heated discussion about him on the Lakers forum and some fans even compared him to the likes of Duncan and D. Robinson. I personally think that's RIDICULOUS.

As for his upside, I'd say he's going to become what Kandiman and Magloire should've been...a consistent 15-10 guy with good shotblocking, average man defense and a decent impact.

I was labeled as hata for that prediction.

Also, Laker fans are generally very high on him and so is the Lakers FO. Or just high. Period.

Realistically, what do you guys think? He has good post moves for his age, decent footwork, great size and length however he gets outmatched athletically against a lot of players, Dalembert and Wilcox come to mind...
He also has a nice form on his shot, a good FT shooter and might develop some mid range game.
Defense is work in progress as he's too raw but shotblocking is already good due to his size and length.

Decent player but I can't see him getting more than 15-10 if he pans out.

What do the rest of you think?
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