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Default Re: ISH Draft opinions.

Your team: cavs

Player in this draft that you wish your team had a shot at (out of ALL draftees): irving, obviously, and i'd like valanciunas, even if we have to wait a year, i dont think you can win in the nba without a big who can defend the rim, and the pick and roll effectively, valanciunas is better than kanter in these capacities.

Player in this draft that you REALLY DON'T want (that has been linked to your team): id be happy with either kanter or valanciunas

Player in this draft that your team has been linked to that you want most:
other than irving, i guess williams, if there was a way to get irving and williams, that would be great (taking on rips contract with the pistons pick, trading that pick and the 4th to minny for the 2 was discussed earlier, but i havent heard anything about that in a while.)

Player you think your team will actually wind up with: i think irving and kanter, givony and ford both have the cavs taking irving and kanter.
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