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Default Re: What happens if Muslims or Jews were to...

Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
eat foods deemed wrong for their religion? I know it is a stupid question, and physically nothing will happen (A Jew will not spontaneously combust if he or she eats pork...)

but what happens from a religion standpoint? what do the religious leaders do to you?

I had a Muslim friend ( who did not care much for his religion. only did it because his parents forced him) who would frequently eat pork. IN fact one time at a diner, he orders a plate of breakfast meats, pork sausage, hams, and bacon, and then he would gulp it down and say "sacrilicious."

I often asked him why he went against his religion or why he even bothered attending services if he were not very pious. I never got a straight answer...

anyway... do you get punished or something?
some of my friends are jewish and some are muslim. the jews havent really ever told about eating pork or not, but i asked one of my muslim friends and he gave a pretty explanation. he said the only thing muslims cant eat is pork, they can eat everything else. but also it is seen as "better" or something not to eat any meat that has not been slaughter correctly or something. anyways when i got out with them we'll eat anything but pork.
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