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Default Re: What happens if Muslims or Jews were to...

I'm Muslim and here's my explanation:
We are told not to eat pork in the Koran, which most Muslims follow diligently. However, the excuses we use today are that pigs are filthy animals, and eat anything from dirt to feces. They also have tapeworms if you do not cook the pork properly. However, as long as Allah says it, I'm not eating it.

As for the punishment you receive for eating it, well, if an Imam found out you were purposely eating pork, you are likely going to have to go through some traditional ritual(I'm not too sure, I haven't had many experiences with Muslims who ate pork) or you may be disowned. If you ate the pork without realizing it was pork, or without realizing that pork was forbidden, then it is totally fine. Also, if you had no choice but to eat the pork (life or death situation) you are allowed to eat it.
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