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Default Re: What if you won the lottery?

Originally Posted by bmulls
I would set aside enough to pay bills and college for future kids and important stuff like that for life, then I wouldn't tell anybody except my dad. Once people know you got that kind of $$ they will never treat you the same. You would never be able to know who you can really trust, and that is worth more to me than living flashy.

And how do you plan on keeping this secret from everybody else?

Do you continually plan on going to work five days a week at the same job and driving perhaps a slightly upgraded car from what you have now?

The biggest difference in most people's lives I'd imagine after winning the lottery is the ability to quit their current job. Unless you're already the boss of your own company or at an executive level position, it would be extremely hard to continually give up so much of your time everyday doing something when you know there are other things you could be doing.
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