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Default Re: mos def calls out jigga, challenges jay-z, weezy to a rap battle

Originally Posted by SCREWstonRockets
Wow, finally a grown ass man that doesn't look at Jay-Z as a god. Dudes wait for Jay to release a track so they know what to do and what not to do. F'ing sad I tell you.

Man STFU. If you can't see why Jay is one of the dopest mcs ever, then you just a hater. I'd like to know who you rank over him. And let's see how many catigories your mcs beat him in. Actual song writing ability, wordplay, choice of beats, impact on the game, impact in media, impact on fashion, etc.

Anyway, Mos Def is my boy but all he does here is come off looking like any other pee on that has challenged Jay. How many times has he been provoked into battle by some buzz-less bum and fed into it? Jay's not gonna even give this the time of day. Why would he? He's regarded as the best mc in the game, on the road to making a billi, and banging Beyonce. Where on his resume does he need to list "Beat Mos Def" in a battle? Like I said before, Mos has zero pull in the game. Hell, Jay didn't even feed into Wayne's feeble attempts and Wayne's buzz is 100 times greater than Mos Def's has ever been. Man, I was actually gonna go cop that Mos today but he kinda rubbed me the wrong way with this bs.
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