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Default Re: NBA labor talks broke down on October 20; No new meeting scheduled

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Salary cap would do nothing to stop the stars from coalescing towards NY, LA, and Chicago. They would just drop every player needed to be under the cap when the big time free agents hit the market. The top 10 players in the NBA would all be a Knick, Laker, or Bull. GUARANTEED.

The only way to stop that from happening would be to allow the small market teams to spend more than the big market teams. For instance say the Knicks, Lakers, Bulls have to work with a 50 million cap, and the small market teams can spend 70 million. With that in place, the small market teams would have a chance.

If a team could offer lebron 30 million while the lakers could only offer 10m, do you think lebron would chose 10 million? It wouldnt stop the stars from chosing big markets so it could also be assumed that big market teams always have stars in place. And so other stars would have to choose other place instead of the big markets. Thats why they should make it a 45 or 50 million hard cap and just guarantee the players 57-60. But the union doesnt want it coz arenas, johnson, and other overpaid players wouldnt get those contracts they got.
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