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Default Re: Trump vs athletes on Twitter

Originally Posted by NumberSix
EVERY business that is in the public eye has conduct clauses in their contracts. And they're usually pretty vague. Generally, any conduct that can reflect poorly on the company. If the owner decides that kneeling for the anthem reflects poorly on the team, it's really up to him.

Whether he would actually cut someone? Probably not if it's a valuable player. I mean, he's had players that have done a hell of a lot worse like beating up women, drugs, etc.

Vague conduct clauses do not give an owner unilateral right to squelch any behavior that they dont like. If Jerry Jones tried to void a contract using a vague conduct clause there would definitely be a lawsuit, and he would be forced to prove in a court of law that kneeling during the anthem actually does "reflect poorly on the company" or whatever. The PR shitstorm that would take place if a situation like this were to occur would be 100x more damaging to the team image than just letting the players kneel.
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