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Originally Posted by detsportsfan3
Loved him in '04.... and that is about it. Still pissed at him for not guarding Horry and for whatever the ****ing reason getting on Tay's man and double teaming him. Kind of got tired of his attitude after awhile. You could see was getting old and playing worse and worse every year. Really got the crowd into it some games with his 3's, but never really listened to the coaches and didn't take everything seriously enough. Probably the most overrated player in he league defensively recently. Loved the guy in his prime, but I just feel he has lost motivation and skill. Also kind of upset that we paid him $8 mil more last year than he would make this year. I've had enough of sheed and am ready for a change. But best of luck to him, I always thought he was treated unfairly because he was sheed. The guy freaking smiles and the refs give him a tech, he had so many techs reviewed and taken away this year. Don't wish you the best of luck because I want the Pistons and cavs to meet in the playoffs.

agreed with EVERYTHING you just said.
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