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Default Re: Offseason off to too slow a start?

Next offseason Miami will be sitting in a sweet position to attract free agents. For starters they can give Wade more than any team. They will have cap space to lure someone to South Beach (who doesnt wanna live there?).

I think Miami will add 1 maybe 2 bargain free agents. By bargain? Look at the free agents. They arent getting big bucks tossed at them because teams are very picky/selective. You can end up getting a guy for a 1yr deal who wants to play for a contract next offseason.

You ask who? Not sure, take a look at the free agent market and tell me what you need. What can Miami do really? You dont got much in terms of trade value. Why would you move Beasley? JO? Why move him, he is a cap clearer. Not gonna get much for the other guys....that isnt to imply they stink.

I think Riley is panning for next offseason...just my guess. Wade can pout all he wants. Kobe did the same crap and where did he go? Nowhere. And you can counter "l.a went and made moves" but Miami can do the same next offseason.
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