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Default Re: Basketball Pushups?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Okay?...? I don't understand what the f*ck you're saying but I'll try to help anywayz.

Doing push-ups with your finger spread out are excellent for grip strength, getting used to spreading your fingers for maximum dribble control, and eventually gripping the damn thing and throwin it down.

Explosive clap pushups are nice to help you snap your chest passes.

Pushups with closer hands (diamond) enhance your triceps which will provide you more range on your J?

Chest passes have much more to do with your tricep and shoulder strength because you arms closer to your body... and even still it's almost just a natural thing to be able to fling it cus Kevin Love was a flabby mofo but look what he could do.

I would also think Plyo pushups would be the best workout to increase velocity on chest passes because both are explosive movements.
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