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Default OT: Biggie Gives Out Rating On MC's.

In an email I got from a friend who is a Biggie fanatic, he forwarded an email where Biggie is being interviewed and gives out ratings on fellow artists.

I don't know if people here have seen it or have had this as a topic here before, but it's new to me, so I thought I'd share it with everyone. It's a very good read.

-Redman: The new Redman!?! Seven. I can't dis him cuase I know he gotskills. He get busy on the lyrics but i can't feel his new ****, his new cosmic crazy ****. I'm used to the clean cut blowout fly *****. When I met the ***** he was a fly *****, you know what I'm sayin', now he on some different ****. I really don't like when a rapper come out and they blowup the way they are and they come out again on some changed up ****. To me, that's like getting some good coke from poppy and then getting some money and then be like,'**** that! I'm getting some more 45ths, some brown **** and then bag that up.' Why would you change your plan? That's what he did to me.

-E-40: No rating! Zero! I don't **** with duke at all. At all.

-Too $hort: Ten. That's my dog right there. I love that *****. That's my man. The calibre of **** he got. Cocktails ****, i ain't got to see that **** yet. I know that **** it hot! I was with him in Atlanta and we were just kickin' it and ****. That's my dog. I love that man.

-Spice 1: Zero. I don't like that guy at all.

-Craig Mack: I don't really like him too much either, dog. I can't give him a zero though 'cause he got some hot **** but like five...four, since he on some different ****, some **** I can't relate to. I'm from the hood, he from the suburbs so it's completely different ****. I don't really like the music too much. I like the beats but that (scats) it's not rhymes for me, it's just some prety kid ****.

-Eiht: I like Eiht's ****. I give Eiht like an eight. He got some hard
****, some real ****.

-DJ Quick: I like the **** on the soundtrack. That's **** is hot. I give
him a seven...six.

-Snoop Doggy Dogg: Snoopy??? I like Snoop. I give him like an eight. I like
his ****.

He sits and reflects on what we have asked and offers, "I'm into fly pimp, straight flat ****. I don't like no ***** that I have to decipher but some ***** that I don dicipher I give a ten...Nas, I give Jeru a ten, I give ummmmm?....

(Someone shouts out KRS-One.)

-KRS-One: KRS-One?? Naahhh...I don't like KRS no more 'cause he just think he's too dope. He let his ego take over his **** and that's what brings him down. When he was like that (shouts "Blow it to yorself"), when he was like that, then he was a ten but now, 'I am Hip Hop'!!! Eat a **** *****.Eat a muthaphukkin' ****!

-Guru: Premier??? Umm...who else I give a ten too? I like Keith. Keith's **** is hot.

-Outkast: I like them

-Big Mike: Six...Seven

-Scarface: Seven...eight. He got some hard ****. Face got some hard ****.

-R.A. The Rugged One: The white boy??!! The one that I did the jam with??? That's who you talkin' about? Two...might be a three, I did the song, they paid me a lot of money, that's why I did it. The beat was knockin'.

-Dr.Dre & Ed Lover: Those are my boys. I just like them *****, know what I'm sayin'. You don't rate *****s. I just like them *****s. They just friends.

-Cypress Hill: I used to like them. The first, ****, that first "How i can just kill a man" joint, I was liking that but that new age smoke out
****...**** it!

-New Kingdom: Who? Never heard of them.

-Da Brat: I like Da Brat. I like her ****. I give her a nice six. She ain't the dopest female MC but I like her single. I like how she comin'.

The topic of females MC's arrives and Biggie Speaks. "The dopest female MC that has a record deal that's out right now is Rage, but my Mc that's coming out, Little Kim, is the dopest female MC that's coming out ever. Ever.
She gets busy like a ***** that's why I like her style. Hard ****! She speaks on suckin *****s...,shooting *****s, real **** that real *****es do that they are just scared to talk about, just how I came out, on some real ****."

-Naughty By Nature: I like all of 'em. I got a relationship with Treach. I got a relationship with Vinnie and I got a relationship with K, but you know what I'm sayin', the music itself it seems that they just wanna make that one hit. Once they got that one hit everything else don't count. That's why I can't dig that. I want a ***** that's gonna be like, 'Yo, I heard an album that's like nine joints I like three, I like maybe the single, the remix. I don't want no album like that.

-Coolio: I like that new joint, "Mama I'm In love with a Gangsta". I like that joint. I just like them hard *****s, them *****s that just be leveled out.

-Ice Cube: The old one or the new one? Kickiyaya???? It's not the same ****. It's like *****s is changing too much for me and I can't keep the love. I respect the ***** because I know back in the day he used to do his thing so I can't dis him but the new **** right now is...

The topic of quitting before the game gets up on you is put on the table.

"I quit before it get on me like that dog!! I know my *****s keep it real. My *****s be like,'Big, you are sleeping. That **** right there ain't no Ready to Die type ****'. I take my *****s word. If **** ain't right, it ain't right. I ain't putting it out. I quit before a ***** say Big was wack. **** that!! I produce, get a label, do something. **** that!

-Tupac: Pac get busy. People can't take nothing from him. On the lyrics he get busy, straight up. That ***** got some hard **** dog for real, and it's like the sad thing about it. When he started working on his new album he's got now, Out on Bail, (retitled and released as Me Against The World) he had so many raw east coast producers and ****. The **** was sounding real tight 'cause everybody always says Pac had lyrics but his beats was
back. He was up in New York when he was working on Above the Rim **** and he was working on his album at the same time. I put him on to Mo Bee. I put him on to L.G. He has Action, Special Ed's DJ, he had some hard ****. (HE) went back to the west and just started getting back into that other ****.

-Dr. Dre: Beats? Incredible!

The topic of producers arrives and names are fired out for Biggie to rate.

"Who do I think every beat they make is just ridiculous??!!...

-Ant Banks: I like Banks. I like that whole **** though. Ant BAnks ****,
the whole Dangerous crew ****."

Who is a ten producer?

"Ain't nobody perfect dog. Everybody got their little faults and **** but the only one I seen that's been hitting hard with their **** is Premier. Every joint that he be putting out right now is just ridiculous, from Jeru's ****, to the new group he got, the Group Home ****, to the **** he did with me. The **** is hard, yo! The beats is crazy."

-Sir Mix-a-lot: Nothing! I love his coats. I would love to be in the game like how that ***** get in the game. I wanna be just as large as those fools but get busy, cut the bull****. ***** saying...I got millions but God damn that ***** get on the mic it's just something terrible dog. I just wanna get busy on the mic more than anything. The little ***** game the *****s play with the girls, man! A ***** just throw some *****es in they **** and they just sit there, like from the "Tootsie Roll" **** to the "Whoot! There it is!" ****. It's the same ****. You get trapped up with these hoes. That **** ain't got nothing to do with hip hop. Nothing!

The topic of wack lyrics arises and Biggie states:

"I don't wanna be a ***** paying so much attention to the ****ing networking and all that other **** and I'm not paying' no attention to these rhymes. That's what made me get to where I'm at so I gotta make sure the lyrics is hard."

-Easy-E: (before his untimely death)-I like Easy-E. Easy-E is a real ill *****. He's sharp as a tack ontop but rhymin' even he knows. He took a group from the hood and just put them on and two million. Bing! He know how to do that ****. Same thing with Luke and all the rest of them *****s. Man, I just think they take another turn. I can let you hear some Easy-E **** on some old NWA **** and *****s would think Easy was nice, you know
what I'm saying, so he know.

-MC Breed: He ain't come out with nothing too wrong for me. I gotta hear some ****. I know once when I was in L.A. I saw Breed at Fattburger and that ***** just took me into the room and just got me smoked out. He had me listening to some ill beats and **** that he work on production too and I didn't know that. That's a plus for MC's. If you can make your own beats you got props because producing is better than being an artist.

-Warren G: That's my man. ***** came to Brooklyn, he came to check me. He just came to hood and ****, pulled up in a little Crysler, jumped out and Warren G was on the ave. drinking Crazyhorse and ****, you know what I'm saying''cause I ain't gonna lie, I ain't going to his hood, staight up!

-Wu-Tang Clan/Method Man: Wu-Tang is hot! I like their ****. I love that ****. I like their **** because they have a real I don't give a **** attitude. 'We in this game to blow the **** up! We don't give a **** what happens. All of us is gonna do our thing and we just gonna do it.' And they just did it. You can hear punches, you hear so much **** in that album you know damn these guys is not giving a ****. At the beginning of CREAM, when that **** start!! Voila! Oh my God, this is some rushed ****
but I dig it.

-The Roots: The Roots album. The Roots album is hot! On the strength, they rock the whole album for a whole hour. I was definetly in dibelief. I like the single, I really did but other people were like, 'Single was hot but I wasn't paying attention to the album at all.'
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