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Default Re: Rasual Butler came into the barbershop yesterday

Originally Posted by Burgz
Before the Spurs game

looked absolutely depressed after the loss to the knicks

all the barbers were kinda pissed he was there (they're raptors fans but the owner is a Lakers fan/was gloating when the lakers won)

when asked about the spurs game he hung his ahead and shook it

i dont even want this guy NEAR our young players, this guy is a bum in every which way

was talking about how we should sign Gilbert but he might be a distraction in the locker room but he' a type of player we need

Rasual Butler, DO quit your day job and NEVER become an NBA GM


Oh damn, eh. Which barber shop Burgz, if you don't mind me asking ?

Oh and the highlight of Rasual Butler's career (not exactly basketball related...):

Still gets treated like trash.

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