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Okay, here is the story, I'm sure you have heard it before:

I had a girlfriend a couple years ago, she couldn't get a cell phone, so I went to Best Buy with her and signed up for one so she could use it. The problem is that she broke up with me, and now I find out she stopped paying for it at some point. I think we used her address so she has probably been getting bills, and of course hasn't told me (even though we still get along and talk sometimes). Then the other day I get mail at my parents house, and it is from a dept collector saying that I own $700 to Verizon.

I am just wondering what you guys would do. Basically I just want to have it go away as fast and easy as possible. I am calling them first thing tomorrow and finding out what I can do.

These are the things I have thought of:

Just pay it off and then make her pay me back. I would get her to sign a contract saying she is going to pay me back like a $100 a week (I should have made her sign a contract in the first place).

The other thing is to talk to them and try to lie by saying that I canceled it a long time ago, and I hadn't recieved any notice, and so I figured it was a done thing, and now I am getting this letter telling me I owe a lot of money. Just basically lie to them and tell them something went wrong in my cancelation.

My main question is, does this mean that my credit is screwed up forever? I just bought a new car just over a month ago, and they gave me the loan no questions asked (I think the dealer actually said it was perfect) so I don't understand that. Would my best option just be to pay it off and have it done with (the money really isn't an issue)?

Basically, I am sure there are some people here that have had some kind of debt, and what are my options, and how bad is this situation in terms of my credit?
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