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well, here's the thing. a bill collecting agency is not same as the credit bureau. so even though your bill was brought to a bill collector's attention, it does not necessarily mean it was also reported to the credit bureau yet, so your credit may not even have been touched yet. you should definitely call up the agency no later than early morning tomorrow to find out though because this is one of those things you don't really want to procrastinate on. but if this is the first time you received the letter, it's probably still brand new, so maybe no action has been done yet at all. but if they ask you to pay immediately, just do it. they've heard all the stories. funerals, natural disasters, homelessness, family issues, alien abduction, they don't care about your reasons. they just want you to pay. they earn their money from commission, so they're only interested in getting a percentage off of that $700 from you.
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