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Default A B-Low Rant: Collecting Sports Cards

I used to collect sports cards religiously. Back in the day it was all about Scottie Pippen cards for me (I got like 90 something i think), and from 99-2005 or so I mainly collected Steve Francis cards.

But my rant is about how un-fun it is to be a card collector these days. I was reading Beckett magazine yesterday and it hit me why its so different now. The problem is that before there was basically ONE card per year for each player. Like when you think about Michael Jordan's rookie card, there's pretty much one card that everyone knows. Same with Scottie Pippen, same with everyone from the 80s and before. But now there's like 80 different cards for players each year so getting a rookie card of a player is completely useless unless its some $10,000 autograph jersey gold foil card

Basically people can't afford to be card collectors anymore. Packs used to be like a dollar, and now they're $4-$5 per pack for 8 cards. Here's some other things i noticed from lookin through the magazine:

* The card lists from 1948-1992 covered a total of 4 pages. The card lists from 1992-2006 covered 36 pages. That just shows the overload of cards that there are lately

* The most expensive card in the book? A LeBron rookie valued at $13,000 (not 13 hundred...13 THOUSAND)

*I found 9 Darko Milicic cards that were valued higher than a Jordan rookie card

Any other collectors out there have opinions?
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