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Default Re: Kosta - Center or Forward?

Did you see him at the beginning of his rookie year when Collins, Boozer, maybe AK were down and he was playing for the first couple months or so? He was very impressive in every aspect of the game. Only thing I thought he was missing was some more muscle and experience and even when I saw Ilguauskas pushing him around he still went at him hard.

After that the one game I saw him play meaningful minutes for them was against the Lakers in the playoffs(his last game probably?) when he shut down Bynum for a quarter and didn't play the second half. Than the next game the Lakers whole front line went for a double double with him back at the end of the bench. He could have helped on Gasol and Odom as well. Made no sense. They had someone who could obviously help them and he was benched. I saw him give some nice minutes in Minnesota too before Karl finally seemed to realize what the could do. He was just a throw in and they're going to reap the benefits for a long time I'm sure. The coaches in the article seem to see what I saw.

Still can't imagine why Fessenko moved ahead of him. And than when he was traded and everyone was applauding the steal for Koufos and two first round picks. Jazz would have been better with him at center than Jefferson not to mention the picks and trade exemption the wasted. They could have drafted their pg this year. Horrible trade!

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