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Default Re: Game 27: Bobcats @ Wizards 12/20/10 7pm

I'm fed up with this kind of garbage performance nearly every game. Losing is no big deal but a loss to a team in the bottom of the conference by 20 points is just garbage. period.

Fire Larry Brown. All of his plays have been decrypted by the opposing team. Nothing is working. He's in this league for too long and every coach knows him TOO DAMN WELL.

I mean, just look at the turnovers. They don't happen out of randomness. A lot of times the defenders were staring at the ball handler to witness a basketball giveaway.

Too many useless screens and ineffective post-ups. Jackson can't post-up anymore because he's always double teamed. Why? because of weak 3pt shooting. Augustin can't get open looks for himself. Diaw tosses bricks nowadays. no range from anywhere...I don't know why he's playing when this team's weakness is offense not defense.

Gosh I don't mind trading for Jose Calderon...Diaw just plain sucks and Augustin can't run offense. Those high assist numbers were mostly luck. Remember only the last passer gets an assist, not the passers leading to a scored basket, unlike hockey.
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