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Default Re: Game 27: Bobcats @ Wizards 12/20/10 7pm


-- Dominic McGuire (sigh), it should be noted, is probably not a bad guy. He's a professional athlete who I've never met, and about whom I've read very little that sheds light on him as a person. That said, what I have read indicates he's probably a pretty cool dude, a hard worker, and easily coachable. However, that doesn't change that he's barely an NBA-caliber basketball player. McGuire (sigh) got the start and played 21 minutes, shooting 0-2, getting 6 rebounds, and blocking a shot. The 0-2 is fine by me, because it means he wasn't shooting. But unless he was playing fantastic defense (wouldn't bet on that, given the score), it's unlikely McGuire (sigh) produced more than Derrick Brown and his 3-4 shooting and 4 rebounds (and 3 turnovers), or more than Tyrus Thomas and his 5-7 shooting and 4 rebounds. McGuire (sigh) has become emblematic of Larry Brown's shortcomings. I fully admit that bringing this up all the time probably comes off as unfair to McGuire (sigh), but understand that it's a criticism of management putting him and his teammates into position to fail, and it happened once again tonight, in D.C.

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