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Default Re: Comparing the 5 Greatest Guards Ever

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH
What this tells me:

MJ and West get even better against better competition, in more intense / clutch / pressure filled situations under the brightest spotlight.

Magic and Kobe play the exact same regardless.

Oscar's production dips off like Wilt in the playoffs when things get tougher and more intense.

Not a huge fan of either guy (Russell and West are my favorites from the era), but both were in the East with Russell, and rarely made the Finals until he was out of the league. Oscar made it twice total, both way past his prime (71 and 74) so his numbers are skewed, while Wilt made it out of the East once (67) while Russ was still in the league (64, 69 he was in the West). Big Bill had the East on lockdown.
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