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Default Re: Comparing the 5 Greatest Guards Ever

Originally Posted by fpliii
Not a huge fan of either guy (Russell and West are my favorites from the era), but both were in the East with Russell, and rarely made the Finals until he was out of the league. Oscar made it twice total, both way past his prime (71 and 74) so his numbers are skewed, while Wilt made it out of the East once (67) while Russ was still in the league (64, 69 he was in the West). Big Bill had the East on lockdown.
West is my favorite. I'm not talking strictly about Finals, I'm even talking his dip in production play in the playoffs.

Oscar and Wilt, the fugazy / meaningless stat padders. If it wasn't for his 2 rings, LeBron would almost be in this category of loser too.

These numbers and stats tell me who pads in the regular season against average comp. Who balls consistently, no matter the condition. Even if they struggle to get their normal productivity (Kobe) ... he still at least provides it. Which takes mental toughness.

And then it tells me who RAISES their game on GOAT type shit when competition is better, and situations are more pressure filled. This is called the HEART gene. Superhero shit.

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