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Default Re: so do any NBA baskeball players post on ISH?

Originally Posted by B-Low
If there was an NBA player it would go one of 2 ways:

1. Nobody would believe them and they'd get called out for being a liar in every thread to the point that they'd get annoyed and just leave

2. The guys who feel like they got something to prove would take every opportunity possible to show that unlike everyone else, theyre too cool to be impressed and they'd talk shit to them constantly til they get annoyed and leave

Ironically this is the same reaction when a girl comes around too...

Nothing special about being a girl though.

Or, wait, I forgot how girls are like gods to online guys. Hilarity ensues when you see how guys act around girls when playing online games. :\

Originally Posted by Rizko
Someone just made a stupid Cowherd gimmick. I really doubt he posts here.

I get the feeling that Cowherd isn't the biggest sports fan, talking about sports is more of a job then a passion for him.

I agree with that. Dude's "opinion' seems to always be similar to what somehow who barely knows anything about a sport would say to seem like he knows about it. Especially when it comes to basketball.
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