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PG that can show our guards the meaning of lockdown D.

haha lue lock down defender? nevermind if you think he's a lockdown defender this conversation is pointless..

he makes below average money because he's a below average player, he has below average numbers because he's a below average player he plays below average minutes because he is a below averge player...

12 years in the league..

he has 9 blocked shots in 12 years his career average is "ZERO" what a lockdown defender!

he has never averaged 1 steal per game, never, not in 12 years (0.6 career)

1.8 total rebounds career

his turnover rating is 3 times his total blocks and steals added together

what does he do? he scores 9 points a game on 43% shooting so even his offense is below average...

once again theres a reason this guy is used as filler in trades and gets moved from one team to another, he's a below average player, he's cheap and you can fill your roster with him and his his below average salary
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