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Default Lions VS Cardinals

It seems for each of the past 3-5 seasons or so, a handful of analysts, experts and apprehensive hometown fans of both the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals proclaim this to be "the year" they get back in the playoffs. Unfortunately, year-after-year each team has suffered from an over-hyped and underperformed fate.

The question is, when will one of these teams finally break the spell? Both teams are loaded with talent, however poor ownership and management has held them back (IMO). Last year, in what was supposed to be a somewhat weak NFC West, I predicted the Cardinals would win a Wild-Card. Each year, I seem to think the Lions have a shot in the solidified weak NFC North, but they never come close.

OK, so who will make the playoffs first - Arizona or Detroit? When it happens, not too sure of this year, but when it does happen, I wouldn't be shocked if both the Lions and Cardinals win the two NFC Wild-Cards LOL.
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