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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: Derek Fisher and a first to Houston for Jordan Hill

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
Not really. In key moments, inexperienced teams tend to fail. Having someone with extensive experience in clutch moments is a much bigger factor than people realize. If your team doesn't have it, you miss it.

Memphis will have the talent to come out of the West, but won't because they lack that veteran experience. Just look at their last game against the Lakers, where they were unable to close due to making several dumb mistakes.

This isn't even remotely a universal fact.

OKC had talent last season, as well as guys like Nate Robinson and Perkins with Finals/championship experience. Spurs had talent and veteran experience. Hornets have had talent along with vets like Peja and James Posey in previous years. The Lakers lost Derek Fisher, not Kobe. They'll be fine without him.

People need to stop overrating Fisher's impact in this respect; on the floor, nobody was asking Fisher what they should do when the chips were down. They were looking to Kobe, or in previous years waiting for Jackson to draw up a play. Leading a team in the clutch and simply being open for a clutch perimeter shots are two 100% completely different things.
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