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Default Re: OMG Clips getting embarassed by the Spurs

Originally Posted by jimmy77x
Clippers have an even worst history than the knicks you obviously had no comback but the same saying being passed around by life losers such as silktheshocker.

Actually... in the last decade the Clippers have been in the 2nd round twice, including one game from the WCF in 06... while the Knicks have won a SINGLE playoff GAME. So chill out on this shit. Clippers don't get dissed as much for two reasons.

1. They are less hyped and popular.

2. They are a better team than the Knicks this year and have bounced back strong throughout. They went from losing 4 in a row to winning 17 in a row. Then they just lost to Miami by 22 and followed up their next 4 going into ASW with 4 straight wins by nearly 16 ppg (including beating Knicks in NY by 14).
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