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not any more...

Bynum is a Diop at the very best...and Farmar flat out sucks, he has no potential...he's a "C" backup for the rest of his career at best.

Smush Parker > Farmar times 100.[\QUOTEAAPBROKENRECORD]

What have you seen of Bynum upon which to base that opinion? How can you even know? I'm not a big Laker fan or anything, but let's be reasonable. How much has ANYONE seen of Bynum? Also, consider his age. We're far from knowing what Bynum can be.

aap has typed this variation of his 'opinion' several times now.

he makes these kinds of claims w/bias since these are laker's players.

he hasn't seen farmar in the summer league. overall, he's not doing bad from what i've read so far.

as far as bynum, again, just some baseless opinion because wouldn't want a laker big to get any positive pub.
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