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Originally Posted by TarHeelBorn
I dont know if it has been discussed but TrueHoops on ESPN brought up an excellent idea (imo).

What about the trade of the #8, the #22, and Sean May (from the Bobcats if you didn't figure that out) for Gasol? If you don't like the idea of May, you could pretty much throw anyone in to the mix from the Bobcats other than Okafor, Wallace and Felton.

Yes, y'all wouldn be getting any younger but it would bode very well for the future and give you a lot of trade pawns as well as cap space for a huge free agency season next summer.

It would mean y'all could grab Conley and a big (Yi, Noah, Wright, or Horford); allowing you to fill out pretty much every starting spot. You could grab Green or Brewer instead of a big but I guess y'all don't need either of them having Gay and Miller around.

It would also move Gasol out of the West so you wouldn't have to worry about going up against ANOTHER good big man.

Anyways, how do y'all feel about that?

I doubt that would happen. The 8th pick is good but there is a considerable
drop off at the 22d pick to trade your very best player. I don't think May is what the Grizzlies are looking for at PF either. I have a feeling Pau will be playing for Chicago next year.
Chicago he will probabley still be a
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